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Green Juices

“Ro’i is a great bodyworker.  He really knows how to release tension from my body in a slow and deep way, and he’s very articulate about the movement and expression of energy.  I also like how he uses his voice and sound to bring relaxation and grounding.”  —Norma Burton, Minister and Shamanic Counselor,


"Immediately after our session, i felt better. As I slept and had some time to integrate the experience, I felt more clarity, and as if a heaviness had lifted, not just about the issues discussed in the session, but also in other parts of my life that corresponded with that issue. Also the next day, I was hit with a lot of stressful situations, but I was able to handle them all from a more calm and centered place. Thanks for your help." --Phoenix Rose (no relation), Event Producer.


"I came out of the session with Ro'i with a commitment to myself to enact my true vision. The first thing I felt was a hunger for some deep nutrition. Instead of heading to the chocolate aisle for quick energy, as was my old pattern, I found myself buying really healthy food. A few days later I started a juice fast / cleanse, and held a garage sale that weekend to get rid of some old stuff piling up my house. I'm feeling strong, open and realigned to bring in what I really want and let go of stuff I don't need. And I also have the beautiful sensation, 'Who knows where will this will lead'?" --Philips Patton, Acupuncturist,


"I’ve known Ro’i for 14 years, we first met in Cambridge MA as college students. I can undoubtedly vouch for his strong integrity, and multiple talents. He is committed to his personal growth and evolution, and has proven his ability to hold space for others to do the same, with gentleness and humor. His depth and fluidity of movement and touch are par excellence."  --D.L., MIT and Stanford alum


"Mr. Rose has always impressed me in his care for others and his dedication to the healing arts. He brings a genuine compassion to his work and is tenacious about his own growth and learning so that he may better serve others." C.L., Meditation Teacher


“I came to Ro’i at a point where I had been living with mild to medium intermittent pain & restricted motion in my neck, low back & knees for about 7 months.  A week before the first session, I had also fallen down three steps, landing on a hardwood floor with my left hand, left shoulder and left rear upper head absorbing the blows.  My hand & arm were weakened enough for it to affect my work as a massage therapist somewhat.  Ro’i gave me a very physically and emotionally generous treatment, integrating numerous effective modalities, skills and self-help tools that were new to me, which says a lot as I’ve given & received massages for 41 years all around the U.S. and in several other countries.  I felt his excellent attunement, presence and care immediately from the first touch, and that feeling stayed with me throughout the entire session. As the work and the experience deepened, I gained a strong appreciation for his skill, his knowledge and his self-care, as well. As a teacher of bodywork for 34 years, I can’t overemphasize the importance of that self-care piece. My soft tissue and muscles felt gently but firmly explored, understood and softened, as each area gained remarkable range of motion, soothing, easing and opening in each my numerous challenged areas.” Steve Carter, Boston Massage and Craniosacral Therapy

My Story

Like a lot of people, I got injured doing something I loved. 

In my case, it was Shaolin Kung-Fu, and after 10 years of training, I found myself diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at age 25.

Undaunted by the doctors' gloomy prognoses, I kept looking for ways to reverse my condition, and over the course of 20 years, I managed to un-herniate my discs, gain back the 2 inches of height I had lost and return to more-than-full function.  

My healing journey led me to Somatic Experiencin
g, an evidence-based method for healing trauma and restoring wholeness, which has recently been featured in the New York Times Magazine.

My mission is to help others learn how to break free from limitations imposed on them by the medical or psychological establishments, so they can live full, active, joyful lives.

My approach begins by asking questions. 

I listen. 

I care.

I've also been through the journey of daily back pain and can help you get to the other side and live life fully, enjoying the activities you love.

If you'd like to meet and get a feel for what working together might look like, you can schedule a 15-20 minute chat to share how I might help you and ask any questions regarding my 


1990-1993 - Shaolin and Southern Fukien Crane Kung-Fu, Taijiquan, Tuina Massage (personal apprenticeship with Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming)

1995-2003 - Bachelor's Degree, Harvard University Division of Continuing Education, Comparative Religion, Cum Laude

2000-2003 - Worked in early childhood education at positions in both Taiwan and the U.S., learning a broad body of pedagogy for the education of children.

2002 - San Shou with Jason Ming-Yee of

2002-present - Studies in Huichol Shamanism with Norma Nakai Burton, founder of, personal mentorship.

2003 - Studies with Rabbi Avraham Sutton of

2003-present - Qigong, Bagua, and Daoist Sexual Meditation of Liu Hongjie with Bruce Frantzis and Instructors, 

2004 - 500-Hr Certificate in Holistic Massage Therapy, Ojai School of Massage

2005 - Initiation into the Modern Mystery School,

2005 - Rising Star Healing Certificate

2006-2007 - Advanced Training in Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Zen Bodytherapy (a form of Structural Integration), personal apprenticeship with Francesca Graziano of OneBody Wellness.

2006 - Reiki Level 1 with David Lowenfels,

2007-2012 - Pleiadian Lightwork - FSP 1, 2 and PLI 1 with Amorah Quan Yin and Omakayuel, and

2008-2009 - Medical Qigong and Graduate Study in Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University, Santa Cruz
2009 - Aston Movement 1+2 with Judith Aston,

2010 - Nationally Certified by the Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

2010 - Bagua Teacher Training with Bruce Frantzis,

2011-2012 - Apprenticeship with Adam Atman in Sacred Acupuncture and Herbs,

2013 - 200hr Certificate in Yogalign with Michaelle Edwards,

2014 - Aston Bodywork 1+2 with Judith Aston,

2015 - Tibetan Mantra Healing 2 with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

2018-present - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training with Peter Levine and Instructors, (completing SEP 8.2023)

2021 - Akashic Records Reading Level 1+2 with Irene VanRyckeghem,

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