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Online and Phone Sessions


Somatic Empowerment

One-to-One somatic coaching 

  • Overcome chronic pain

  • Rehabilitate injuries

  • Establish healthy routines

  • Move trauma out of your body (working in conjunction with a licensed therapist)

  • Gain greater capacity to meet the challenge of life

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Individual sessions

  • Stand with more ease

  • Sit for longer periods sustainably

  • Experience more focus

  • Orient towards pleasure

  • Embody your most authentic self


Somatic Meditation

Weekly meditation group

The class is designed to bring you home to your body.  We accommodate students with varying degrees of stress and trauma, including those experiencing post-traumatic stress, and chronic illness - screens may be on or off, depending on your comfort.

Membership in the community includes:


  • One live body-based meditation class per week (recording available 24 hours after class)

  • Email access to Roë for questions and support - to be answered in class.

  • Access to audio and video meditations to do on your own

  • PDFs of foundational practices

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